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Hi! This is a fan blog dedicated to the daily vlog on YouTube called 'daily bumps.' Thanks for visiting!
You should come back!

You know what, I should, and I think I will. I miss this blog so much! I’ve just been so busy, and a lot of the time I just want to come home and go to sleep. School has been so stressful and the weathers been terrible too which hasn’t helped. I think I will come back! :)


Apologies and Happy late Thanksgiving!

Hello to all my lovely followers! Huge apologies for not being on, but family has been over and I’ve been so crazy busy with Thanksgiving and Black Friday and now getting up Christmas decorations that I haven’t had any time to get on my computer. Hopefully I’ll be able to be on more starting tomorrow! I hope all of my American followers had a great Thanksgiving and everyone else just is having a good day!

- Mady xo

I PRETTY MUCH SUCK! - 11/21/13

YOU CAN’T DO IT! - 11/20/13


I’M SO BUMMED! - 11/18/13


BABY IN A BLIZZARD! (11.17.13 - Day 297)

Bad news! Computer problems.

Bad news, my computers been acting up terribly and I can’t get my Photoshop to work at all. My computer continually shuts down and I can’t get into making any gifs without my Photoshop crashing. :( This sucks terribly, since my computer guy can’t see me until Monday! So no gifs until Monday or when I can get my computer fixed up. I’m super sorry, it makes me so sad that I can’t post. :( I’m going to try and at least do screen cap edits of each vlog on my Mom’s computer though, but she only had PS Elements so I can’t make gifs. Once again, I’m SO sorry but I promise I’ll b back posting gifs in no time!

- Mady

I WILL NOT! - 11/11/13